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who are we?

Obelixx Popping Factory (O.P.F)  is a collective of top dancers under the management and coaching of Marco Menezes aka Obelixx. O.P.F aims to be a community  - we’re not just a group of people dancing around – we do that to (and we love to dance!); but our motto takes us far away from that: “we will expand your horizons, twist your reality, enhance your dreams”. 
We started in 2013, after a long way on recruiting top dancers, from different styles. Mainly, we’re popping dancers, but we embrace all styles: our focus are the dancers and their passion and love for dancing, not the dance style itself. If you tell us, hey, I wanna join you and build my own style: we answer “that’s perfect”.
Our community  started in Belgium, Antwerp but we’re moving on to other countries, like Germany and the Netherlands.
We have 14 top dancers working on this project as we speak, House dancers, Bboys, Bgirls, Poppers, Lockers, Experimental Dancers, we have it all.
Some are busy with teaching, others with practice, others with the process of learning a new skill or style, others coaching, event planning, even film/media production.
O.P.F is starting right now at Portugal, with a collective of people that includes dancers from different styles. We have the pleasure to have in our crew people like Ricardo Rosa, an international champion on the style "Locking". Also we have Marco ABS, another really great dancer, but even better as a coach – Marco is  recognized by his teaching methods. Jandira Baptista is knowned by her drive in dance and her skills concerning event planning and as a international hostress.  Cesar Nusik also international champion on the style "Hip Hop freestyle", this allround dancer is difficult to define on a simple sentence exceptional dancer and mentor. Last but not least we have the connecting link Joana Sousa, that has a degree in philosophy, and is presenting us amazing breaktroughs on that field and innumerous others:  she is our consultant, philosopher and resources manager.
Besides the dance teaching, we’re also commited on giving our dancers coaching and consultation, in a perspective of personal development. Remember our motto? “We will expand your horizons, twist your reality, enhance your dreams”- this is why we bring you  teachers and coachs from different areas. Their variety in skills, styles, personality, way of teaching and sharing knowledge will make you a complete dancer from the Inside and Out.
O.P.F has a program that includes workshops, battles, judging, artistic shows, show case, coaching and philosophical consultation. We also teach people that want to learn how to dance, and we hope we can make them learn how to be a complete human being. It’s kind of a metaphysical way of looking at the act of dancing. To us, dancing is more than movement, it’s all about feeling, thinking and being who YOU are.

by Marco Menezes aka Obelixx

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